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Kittens #1

The most powerful beings in the universe have finally joined forces. Make sure they're on your side!

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New Products
  1. Most Wanted #1
    Most Wanted #1
    As low as £30.00
  2. Horse #2
    Horse #2
    As low as £28.00
  3. Bad Taste #1
    Bad Taste #1
    As low as £28.00
  4. Pris #2
    Pris #2
    As low as £27.00
  5. Tears #1
    Tears #1
    As low as £28.00
  6. Prissy #1
    Prissy #1
    As low as £27.00
  7. Horse #1
    Horse #1
    As low as £28.00
  8. We Come In Peace #1
    We Come In Peace #1
    As low as £28.00

A home-based company in Norwich, UK, Murky Apparel is an independent clothing brand aiming to inspire identity within the fashion industry.
The range of hand-drawn designs you find here is being continually developed and expanded by Harry Utton, alongside a team of talented artists, to make sure your styles stay so fresh and so clean!

A little on the process...

We carefully nurture all of our ideas until they're dripping with syrup-y goodness. Once they're ripe and juicy, they're left to ferment in the moonlight before extracting only the finest specimens for reproduction. Then we put them in boxes and mail them to you, our dear friends.

© Copyright 2015-2018 Harry Utton. All rights reserved. Murky Apparel is a registered trademark of Harry Utton. Murky and the M Logo are trademarks of Harry Utton.